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Dolls, not just for breakfast anymore

...give your doll it's 15 minutes!

Doll Parts, clothing optional
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It's weird! It's fun! It's scary! It's art!

This community was created to smack your brain. (in that creative, get your juices flowing, do something different kind of way.)

Post pictures of your dolls; sans clothes, with clothes, humorous, frightening, artsy fartsy, morbid, sexy, with your pet, with your food, with your gramma, in a box, with a fox, on the roof, in the car.. etc.

Digital art is acceptable.

No rules really, except;

Please do not place dolls into your parts (or your dog's parts) and post pictures of those. Cause, uhm.. *shivers*.

If you bash we're going to point and laugh at your inability to "get it".

Some examples Doll Art:


That's all!